2014 Women's Cross Country
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 187:15 AMVanguard@Dual Meet Vanguard vs. Cal State San MarcosNo Team Score Details
 30 (1) Biola@Redlands Invitational (Redlands, CA)1st of 4 Details
  10:30 AM(15) Westmont@CPSLO - 25 UC Santa Barbara - 34 Westmont - 833rd of 3 Details
 58:00 AMWilliam Jessup@Fresno State Invitational  Details
 6 (10) The Master's@UC Irvine Invitational - Irvine, CA2nd of 17 Details
   San Diego Christian@Cal Baptist Invitational (Riverside, CA)5th of 6 Details
  8:00 AMConcordia@Lancer Invitational hosted by California BaptistNo Team Score Details
  8:30 AMVanguard@UC Irvine Invitational14th of 17 Details
  8:30 AMClaremont-Mudd-Scripps @ (15) Westmont18-44 Details
 Nationball Classic - Claremont ranked #14 in NCAA DIII
  8:30 AMHope International@adidas/UC Irvine Invitational11th of 17 Details
 13 Concordia@UC Riverside Invitational (UCR Ag Ops Course)14th of 20 Details
   San Diego Christian@UC Riverside Invitational (UCR Ag Ops Course)19th of 20 Details
 20 Concordia@The Mustang Challenge hosted by The Master's (Central Park)15th of 19 Details
   (1) Biola@San Diego State Aztec Invitational (Mission Bay, CA)1st of 8 Details
  8:00 AM(18) Westmont@The Mustang Challenge5th of 17 Details
  8:00 AMVanguard@Mustang Challenge hosted by The Master's CollegeNo Team Score Details
  8:00 AMHope International@The Mustang Challenge: Collegiate Open hosted by The Master's13th of 17 Details
  8:00 AM(13) The Master's@The Mustang Challenge - Santa Clarita, CA3rd of 17 Details
  8:00 AMWilliam Jessup@The Mustang Challenge  Details
  9:30 AMSan Diego Christian@San Diego State University Aztec Invitational 8th of 8 Details
  5:00 PMArizona Christian@University of Arizona 4th of 8 Details
 4 (13) The Master's@Pomona-Pitzer Invitational - Claremont, CA4th of 17 Details
  8:00 AMWilliam Jessup@Sonoma State Invitational  Details
  8:30 AM(16) Westmont@Pomona-Pitzer Invitational5th of 17 Details
  8:30 AMVanguard@Pomona Pitzer Invitational13th of 17 Details
  10:00 AMArizona Christian@Embry Riddle Invite 2nd of 7 Details
 11 San Diego Christian@Vanguard Invitational (Costa Mesa, CA)16th of 18 Details
  9:00 AM(17) Westmont@Vanguard Invitational1st of 18 Details
  9:00 AM(2) Biola@Vanguard Invitational (Costa Mesa, CA)2nd of 18 Details
  9:00 AMHope International@Vanguard Invitational (Fairview Park- Costa Mesa)8th of 18 Details
  9:00 AMArizona Christian@Mesa Thunderbird Classic 1st of 6 Details
 10:00 AMConcordia@25th Annual Vanguard Invitational (Fairview Park)12th of 18 Details
  9:00 PMVanguard@25th Annual Vanguard Invitational11th of 18 Details
 18 (13) The Master's@Santa Clara Invitational - Santa Clara, CA14th of 21 Details
   San Diego Christian@Cal State San Marcos Cougar Challenge8th of 8 Details
 25 (10) The Master's@NAIA West Coast Jamboree - Irvine, CA5th of 14 Details
   San Diego Christian@Biola's NAIA West Coast Jamboree (Irvine, CA)No Team Score Details
  8:00 AMWilliam Jessup@West Coast Jamboree  Details
 9:45 AMConcordia@Biola's NAIA West Coast Jamboree (Irvine Regional Park)No Team Score Details
  9:45 AM(7) Westmont@Biola's NAIA West Coast Jamboree (Irvine, CA)3rd of 14 Details
  9:45 AMVanguard@NAIA West Coast Invitational hosted by Biola University13th of 14 Details
  9:45 AM(13) Biola@Biola's NAIA West Coast Jamboree Irvine Regional Park (Orange, CA)4th of 14 Details
  9:45 AMHope International@Biola NAIA West Coast Jamboree (Orange, CA)12th of 14 Details
  10:00 AMArizona Christian@Biola NAIA West Coast jamboree 9th of 14 Details
8 Hope International@GSAC Championships hosted by The Master's (Santa Clarita, CA)  Details
   (10) The Master's@GSAC Championships - Santa Clarita, CA  Details
 8:00 AMWilliam Jessup@Golden State Athletic Conference Championships  Details
 9:00 AM(7) Westmont@GSAC Championships  Details
 9:00 AMVanguard@GSAC Cross Country Championship hosted by The Master's College  Details
  9:00 AM(13) Biola@GSAC Championships hosted by The Master's (Santa Clarita, CA)  Details
  9:00 AMSan Diego Christian@GSAC Championships hosted by The Master's (Santa Clarita, CA)  Details
 10:00 AMConcordia@GSAC Championship hosted by The Master's (Central Park)  Details
 22 (10) The Master's@NAIA West Coast Jamboree - Irvine, CA  Details
  8:00 AMWilliam Jessup@NAIA Cross Country National Championships  Details
  10:30 AM(13) Biola@NAIA National Championships (Lawrence, KS)  Details
  11:45 AMConcordia@NAIA National Championship (Rim Rock Farms)  Details
  11:45 AMVanguard@34th Annual NAIA Women's Cross Country Championships  Details
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