GSAC Bylaws

The Golden State Athletic Conference Bylaws as well as the conference Policies and Procedures can be found below.

GSAC Constitution & Bylaws (Updated 6-6-16)

GSAC Policies & Procedures (Updated 6-6-16)


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Below are the sport specific bylaws updated through June 2017.


Men's and Women's Soccer Policies (6-30-17)

Men's and Women's Soccer Evaluation Form (8-1-13)

Women's Volleyball Policies (8-8-17)

Men's Basketball Policies (7-10-17)

Women's Basketball Policies (7-10-17)

Baseball Policies (6-6-16)

Men's & Women's Tennis Policies (5-25-16)

Softball Policies_(6-6-16)

Cross Country / Track & Field_Policies_(9-14-15)


The Golden State Athletic Conference, like all NAIA conferences, has an Intra Conference Transfer Policy.  It can be found in the GSAC Constitution & Bylaws.  In an unusual circumstance involving a health or financial hardship, a request for an exception can be made by a student-athlete to be declared eligible immediately or on a date earlier than permitted by the rule. To request an exception:

1. A student athlete must submit the Intra Conference Transfer Request for Exception form to the GSAC office, his/her written statement of facts supporting the reason(s) for the request, and all documents, written statements of others, or other written information he/she desires to be considered (collectively the 'Request"). GSAC Intra Conference Transfer Request for Exception Form.

2. The Conference Office will have seven business days to circulate the Request to each member of the GSAC Faculty Athletic Representatives Committee ("FARC") and to the Athletic Directors of all GSAC institutions.

3. The Athletic Director of each institution directly involved (current and transfer institutions) will have seven business days to submit in writing to the GSAC office a statement of relevant facts, the position of the institution and whether it desires a conference call with the FARC regarding the Request.

4. The GSAC Commissioner will determine when all required information concerning the Request has been timely submitted, and shall notify in writing the student-athlete, the Athletic Director of each directly involved institution and the members of the FARC that all submissions have been received, or that an institution did not make a submission, and if an institution requested a conference call with the FARC.

5. Within fourteen business days of the Commissioner's notice, at least a majority of the FARC members shall meet to review and consider the Request, the written submissions of the involved institutions, and to conduct any requested conference call with the Athletic Director (or a designee) of each institution directly involved and the student-athlete if he/she wishes to participate. The meeting shall be conducted according to written rules established by the GSAC Commissioner and the GSAC Executive Committee. The members of the FARC in attendance shall vote openly at the meeting to grant or deny the Request. For a Request to be granted, a simple majority of the FARC members in attendance shall be required to approve the Request. Prior to adjourning the meeting, the FARC shall notify the Conference Office in writing of its decision. Within 2 business days, the Conference Office shall notify the student-athlete and the Athletic Directors of all GSAC institutions of the decision of the FARC.

6. All forms, notices, statements, supporting documents or FARC decisions related to a Request may be submitted by email.

7. The decisions of the FARC regarding a Request are final and shall not be subject to review or appeal.