About The GSAC

The Golden State Athletic Conference (GSAC) is one of the most unique and successful conferences in the country. The GSAC is affiliated with the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA), the nation's first collegiate athletic association to offer national championships.

Established in 1986 by like-minded institutions, the GSAC members are purposely aligned to be similar in enrollment, academics, athletics and student life. The GSAC uniquely links sport sponsorship to enrollment and adjusts athletic scholarships and financial aid to the cost of education at each institution, thereby maintaining a constant ratio for all members.

Current members include Arizona Christian University, Biola University, Hope International University, San Diego Christian College, The Master's College, Vanguard University, Westmont College, and William Jessup University with Menlo College joining the conference this year.

Conference members have won 45 national championships and numerous athletes have won individual NAIA titles. GSAC schools consistently have teams ranked in the NAIA's Top 20 in all sports, and compete regularly for regional and national honors. In addition, numerous GSAC schools have hosted NAIA national championships, giving the conference great exposure and the chance to showcase their beautiful locations, from Northern California along the central and southern California coasts to Arizona.


Women's Basketball  Baseball 
       Vanguard, 2008         Concordia, 2011 
       Azusa Pacific, 2011  Men's Basketball 
       Westmont, 2013        Concordia, 2003 
Women's Cross Country         Concordia, 2012 
       Concordia, 2000         Vanguard, 2014 
       Azusa Pacific, 2008  Men's Soccer 
Women's Soccer         Azusa Pacific, 2007 
       Azusa Pacific, 1998  Men's Tennis 
       Westmont, 1999         Azusa Pacific, 2005
       Westmont, 2001         Fresno Pacific, 2009
       Westmont, 2002         Fresno Pacific, 2011 
       Westmont, 2003  Men's Outdoor Track and Field 
Women's Softball         Azusa Pacific, 1987
       California Baptist, 2009         Azusa Pacific, 1988
       Concordia, 2013        Azusa Pacific, 1989
Women's Tennis         Azusa Pacific, 1991
       Fresno Pacific, 2010         Azusa Pacific, 1992
Women's Outdoor Track and Field         Azusa Pacific, 1994
       Azusa Pacific, 2003         Azusa Pacific, 1995 
       Azusa Pacific, 2004         Azusa Pacific, 2001 
       Azusa Pacific, 2007         Azusa Pacific, 2002     
       Azusa Pacific, 2010         Azusa Pacific, 2008 
Volleyball         Azusa Pacific, 2009 
       Fresno Pacific, 1989     
       Fresno Pacific, 2003     
       California Baptist, 2004     
       California Baptist, 2005     
       Fresno Pacific, 2007     
       Fresno Pacific, 2008     
       Fresno Pacific, 2009     
       Fresno Pacific, 2010     
       Concordia, 2012