The Golden State Athletic Conference and its member institutions are excited to announce a new fundraising partnership and initiative with iTexts that will help us bridge the gap between budget shortfalls and reality.

Text 'GSAC' from your mobile phone to 70000 to Sign Up


Sign Up Here For the GSAC iTexts Program - ITS FREE!

Who is iTexts and why are we working with them?

iTexts is a new company that has a state of the art text advertising platform whereby they connect national, regional and local advertisers with organizations such as ours that are in need of new and creative fundraising concepts that really work - generating regular streams of revenue for the GSAC while simultaneously giving us great deals and specials all sent via mobile text messages - all at zero cost to you - simply put : iText pays us to receive text ads.

It's truly that simple.

Here's how it works:

First - text our code gsac to 70000 and you will receive a return text message welcoming you to the iText system and a hyper link to fill out your personal profile so that advertisers can 'microtarget' you based on your preferences. That way you will usually receive text ads that are interesting to you.

Once that step is taken you are ready to help the GSAC meet its fundraising needs. You will never receive more than THREE text ads in one day, they will all be during normal business hours, and they are guaranteed to be 'family friendly'.

There are no further commitments required and if you want to opt-out you can at any time.

Remember that this is a TEAM effort - when a lot of people create just a little extra effort, GREAT things can truly happen.

Sign Up Here For the GSAC iTexts Program - ITS FREE!