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Thiago Brito was one of three Royals to win both of their matches against Biola (Photo by HIU Sports Information)
Men's Tennis - Tue, Feb. 26, 2013

La Mirada, CA- Looking for their first win in GSAC play this season, Hope International earned it on Tuesday afternoon when they beat Biola 6-3. Senior Tyler McDonald and Freshman Leonardo Pires both gave up just one game in their singles matches.

Starting play with singles, McDonald and former Royal/current Eagle Greg Cobian were the first match done as McDonald beat Cobian 6-1 and 6-0 at number five singles.

At number four singles, Pires defeated Chris Evans 6-1 and 6-0 as well.

Sophomore Thiago Brito played Rodric Pence at number six singles.  Brito won the first set with a score of 6-2.  Pence made the second set closer but Brito held him off for a 6-4 win.

Junior Enzo Correa actually only surrendered three games in his singles match on the second court against Isaiah Pekary.  However because of all the long rallies, they were the fourth match finished when Correa finally completed the win.

Junior John-Douglas Owens and David Mossman faced off on the first court.  Even with Mossman winning both sets 6-2, both players were so crafty that they were the fifth match done on the afternoon. 

That left the marathon match on court number three between Junior Jake Barnard and Biola's Brandon Chang to be the last to finish.  In a match that needed well over three hours to be decided, Barnard held on for 6-4 first set win.  In the second set, Chang and Barnard rallied until they were tied at 6-6 before Chang pulled off the tie break win.  The third set went down to the wire as well before Chang finally ended their match with a 7-5 third set win.

For perspective, the singles match on court three went so long doubles play was a half hour into action before the third singles finished.

The Royals led 4-2 after singles play.

In number two doubles, Correa and Brito teamed up for an 8-3 win.  The Correa/Brito match win was the fifth and deciding point of the team match.

Owens and Pires produced the same result of 8-3 in their doubles match on court one against Mossman and Pekary.

Due to the length of Barnard's singles match as well as Barnard cramping, Freshman Nick Arriola subbed in and teamed up with McDonald on the number three doubles court.  They faced off with Chang and Pence.  Even throughout, the duos pounded away at each before the Biola tandem pulled off the final win of the day turned evening.

The Royals will return to the courts on Saturday when they travel to Santa Barbara to meet up with Westmont.  The men are scheduled to start at 11:00 am.  As for Biola, they do not play again until a week from Saturday when oddly enough they travel to Santa Barbara as well.